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Save Our Nursing Homes! Call 866-395-3747 to hold lawmakers accountable for supporting legislation that cuts staffing and care in Florida nursing homes.

                     Legislative Action! Help Protect Nursing Home Residents & Caregivers

Call lawmakers and tell them you disapprove of their vote in favor HB 1239 – a new law that weakens minimum staffing standards and will hurt the quality of care. Here’s how this law could have a devastating impact on seniors and caregivers:

• Current law requires residents to receive a total of 3.6 hours of direct care – 2.5 hours by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and 1 hour by a licensed nurse. This legislation would reduce the 2.5 to just 2.0 hours. And it would allow other non-nursing staff – from the mental health worker to the activities director – to count in the 3.6 hours of direct, hands-on-care frail and elderly nursing home residents need. Feeding assistants would not be included in that two hours however they would count toward the overall 3.6 hours of minimum care. Reducing nurse and CNA interaction with residents and permitting non-clinical staff to do the work of experienced caregivers is a formula for disaster.

• The multi-billion-dollar nursing home industry is falsely claiming this bill will help address the worker shortage crisis. The reality is industry executives are pushing this legislation to increase profits at the expense of our elderly loved ones who will suffer without the care of experienced CNAs. 

Call 866-395-3747 Now! Tell legislators they were wrong to support HB 1239 and we will hold them accountable because it will put seniors at risk.


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