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WINK NEWS: Is a COVID-19 cover-up leading to case spread at a Fort Myers nursing home?

Reporter: Lauren Sweeney Workers from Heritage Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare, who wished to remain anonymous, told WINK News that they are not being informed about possible infections of COVID-19 at the

Reuters: Florida’s Care Workers Battle to Protect the Elderly

BY ZACHARY FAGENSON AND LYNSEY WEATHERSPOON  17 AUGUST 2020 No place seems safe for Elonda English, not even her car. Just after sunrise on a recent Wednesday she emerged from an overnight

Media Availability: Caregivers to Share Stories on Detrimental Cuts to Bedside Care

Tallahassee, Florida – The budget cuts to bedside care in nursing homes, passed last year, have impacted thousands of nursing homes residents – putting their lives in danger. Healthcare workers, families, advocates and retirees will travel to the Capitol to tell the stories of increased falls, infection and bedsores and ask lawmakers to restore the budget cuts.

Tampa Bay Times – Letter to the Editor: Restore staffing levels

January 18, 2012 As a nursing home caregiver, I was deeply saddened when I learned of this heartbreaking death, which could have been prevented. This was a tragic end to

Tampa Tribune – Letter to the Editor: Hear our voices

November 7, 2011 During this special observance of Residents’ Rights Month, we must stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Why can’t they speak? They are

Tallahassee Democrat – Letter to the Editor: Make staffing levels a nursing home priority

September 18, 2011 With the severe budget cuts to Florida’s health care programs, our seniors have truly paid the price. The reports of abuse, neglect and increased rates of infection

PRESS RELEASE: Caregivers Announce Campaign to Protect Florida’s Elderly and Disabled from July 1 Staffing Cutbacks

Miami, FL - With a new state law taking effect today that rolls back a landmark safe staffing law for nursing homes, caregivers from across the state announced the launch of a new campaign to protect Florida’s elderly and disabled. The top priorities of the campaign: provide quality care guidelines to residents and family members on how to report to the Agency for Healthcare Administration incidents of diminished care due to staffing cuts and inform elected officials that a nursing home in their district is sacrificing care, hold out-of-touch Tallahassee politicians and nursing home companies accountable, and overturn the Florida legislature’s roll-back of safe staffing levels.

Palm Beach Post: Cuts at nursing homes: Local centers have options, say they won’t reduce staff

By Stacey Singer and Toni-Ann Miller July 1, 2011 Starting this month, Florida’s 70,000 nursing home residents could find fewer nurses at their bedside after the Florida Legislature voted to

Health News Florida: Nursing home staffing level drops today

By Brittany Davis July 1, 2011 Nursing home residents may have less face time with their caregivers after a law takes effect today that revises minimum staffing levels. The law

Associated Press: Groups call on nursing homes to maintain staffing

June 29, 2011 MIAMI — Advocates for nursing home patients and the workers who care for them are calling on facilities to maintain their current staffing levels even though more
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