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Caregivers launch the “We Are Essential, Treat Us Like Heroes” campaign

Long-term care workers across Florida who have been on the frontlines of the pandemic are uniting through their union, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, to call on government officials and

Consulate Nursing Home Named in OSHA, AHCA Complaints for Putting Patients, Caregivers at “High-Risk” of COVID-19 Infection

FORT MYERS—Florida’s largest healthcare union, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, has filed official complaints with federal and state agencies against Consulate Heritage Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Fort Myers for

Report Finds Some FL Nursing Homes Violating Staffing Law Along with High Usage of Antipsychotic Drugs on Seniors

MIAMI - 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Florida (1199SEU Florida) today released a study that examines nursing home chain Consulate Health Care’s track record of federal and state fines and below-average care that has put the health of seniors and people living with a disability at risk.

New Report Finds Some Consulate Nursing Homes Violating State’s Staffing Law

Consulate Health Care is a fast-growing, large nursing home chain with 151.7% increase in revenues since 2010iii. However, the data shows Consulate failed to comply with the state’s minimum staffing

Open Letter to Florida Families: Safe Staffing Concerns at Consulate-Owned Nursing Homes

Staffing levels are of grave concern to us because, while we are barely above the state's minimum standards, Consulates current levels mean that we have between 4-6 more residents than we did before. As you can imagine, this means we don't get to spend the quality time that we need with each person to ensure that we can serve their meals warm, or ensuring they are as comfortable, changed, cleaned or attended to as we (and we think you) would like.

Media Availability: Caregivers to Share Stories on Detrimental Cuts to Bedside Care

Tallahassee, Florida – The budget cuts to bedside care in nursing homes, passed last year, have impacted thousands of nursing homes residents – putting their lives in danger. Healthcare workers, families, advocates and retirees will travel to the Capitol to tell the stories of increased falls, infection and bedsores and ask lawmakers to restore the budget cuts.

Florida Caregivers Launch “Every Minute Counts” Campaign to Protect Nursing Home Residents

In response to new state legislation that cuts safe staffing levels and bedside care in Florida nursing homes by 18 minutes per resident per day, 1199SEIU Florida caregivers have launched the “Every Minute Counts” campaign to protect nursing home residents from potentially life threatening health risks. Nearly three-hundred caregivers ratified the campaign at an 1199SEIU Florida Joint Delegate’s Assembly in St. Petersburg, FL in early September.

Florida Nursing Home Caregivers Make History: First in State With Safe Staffing Requirements in Contract

After Florida enacted a new law rolling back minimum safe staffing requirements in the states nursing homes on July 1, 1199SEIU members at Avanté at Lake Worth Nursing Home saw

PRESS RELEASE: Concerned Caregivers Petition Florida Nursing Home Operators to Maintain Safe Staffing Despite Roll Back of Landmark Law

Miami, FL – On behalf of nursing home residents, caregivers in 40 nursing homes in Florida today announced the delivery of 3,000 workers’ signatures to nursing home administrators urging them to keep bedside safe staffing levels in place and ignore the roll-back passed by the Florida Legislature. The proposed roll-back, which poses a serious threat to the health and safety of elderly and disabled nursing home residents, will be implemented when the state’s 2011-2012 budget takes effect July 1.
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